Pre-mixed, chemically suspended and ready-to-use ceramic shell slurries. Designed to simplify slurry make-up and maintenance and eliminate continuous slurry mixing; while offering proven casting performance.



SuspendaSlurry® Materials
Developed to eliminate costs associated with continuous mixing and to simplify the initial mixing process, SUSPENDASLURRY materials’ pre-mixed, chemically suspended ceramic shell slurry eliminates the need to weigh and mix binder and refractory components.

SUSPENDASLURRY materials are available for non-ferrous and ferrous metal casting (stuccos are sold separately).

  • Non-ferrous metals: SUSPENDASLURRY FS material is recommended for both initial and backup coats.
  • Ferrous metals: SUSPENDASLURRY ZR material is recommended for initial coats; for backup coats, use SUSPENDASLURRY FS material.

Based on R&R’s leading primary binder technology, using SUSPENDASLURRY materials allows casters added benefits over standard colloidal silica shells: such as stronger layers; reduced buckling, lifting or cracking defects; and simplified slurry maintenance.

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  • "I could literally cry with happiness as I see four perfect (and I mean perfect) casts sitting on the chasing bench..." Read More

~ Paul Kennedy, Paul Kennedy Studio, UK,

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Primary Binders

Primary shell layers are critical to successful casting results as they provide the surface characteristics that will be visible on the casting. R&R produces colloidal silica based binders that provide excellent casting results and protection against common casting defects.


Keycote® System
The KEYCOTE system is a two-part primary binder system comprised of KEYCOTE concentrate and KEYCOTE binder; blended together at a 1:4 ratio when building a slurry. The KEYCOTE system provides foundries with exceptional slurry life, increased wax adhesion and improved wetting characteristics compared to other long-life primary binders. This system is an excellent choice for zircon and cobalt aluminate slurries as it is stable over a wide pH range.

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Primcote binder

Primcote® Binder
PRIMCOTE binder provides foundries with shell coats that dry quickly while reducing, or eliminating, common metal defects caused by buckling, lifting and cracking. PRIMCOTE binder contains a wetting agent, an antifoam and a color indicator to monitor shell dryness. This binder is premixed and ready to use.

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Backup Binders

Backup shell layers create the bulk needed to successfully hold molten metal during casting. R&R produces colloidal silica based binders specifically designed to build bulk quickly through advanced drying or coat building characteristics.


Matrixcote® System
The MATRIXCOTE system provides best-in-class crack resistance, edge coverage, permeability and ease of shell removal. Slurries can be formulated with or without a fiber component depending on the foundry’s need to reduce coat application and improve throughput. This system is tailored to the unique needs of the individual foundry. Contact R&R to discuss optimizing a MATRIXCOTE system that meets your goals.

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Deluxcote concentrate

Deluxcote® Concentrate
DELUXCOTE concentrate is a fiber-based material that reduces backup coats while building a shell that withstands the stresses of handling, dewax and pouring. When added to Levasil® FO830 colloidal silica, DELUXCOTE concentrate allows foundries to reduce shell coats without sacrificing shell strength.

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Customcote binder

Customcote® Binder
CUSTOMCOTE binder is a polymer-based binder that produces strong ceramic shells with many potential benefits. Its excellent wetting properties eliminate the need for prewets. The binder’s lower slurry viscosity allows for better coverage in slots and shorter drain times than standard colloidal silica slurries.

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EHT binder

EHT Binder
EHT binder is a polymer-free, water based colloidal silica sol binder, specially manufactured for use in high temperature aerospace applications. It provides casters with high hot strength, superior green and edge strength and excellent creep resistance properties. EHT binder is proven in directional solidification and single crystal casting applications. It is the binder of choice for foundries that put shells through adverse temperature applications.

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