Shell Consumables

Shell consumables are an important part of the ceramic shell casting process. R&R offers pour cups, crucibles, filters and pattern cleaner.


R&R® Wash-N-Etch Pattern Cleaner
R&R WASH-N-ETCH pattern cleaner removes silicone oil or other release agents from wax patterns before the primary ceramic coat is applied. R&R WASH-N-ETCH pattern cleaner, a biodegradable product, cleans wax patterns and contains naturally occurring d-limonene, derived from citrus fruits, as the active ingredient. R&R WASH-N-ETCH pattern cleaner also acts as an etching material for the wax pattern while it cleans off the release agent. This process allows for better slurry adhesion during application of primary coats. Better adhesion of the primary coats reduces opportunities for casting defects related to shell buckling or lifting.

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R&R® Ranclene Pattern Cleaner
R&R RANCLENE pattern cleaner is produced in Europe and is available only to our European customers. For more information, contact European Sales Support.

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Ceramic Pour Cups

Ceramic Pour Cups and Alumina Crucibles
Ceramic pour cups are composed of clay-bonded mullite with a very low tramp element content to satisfy stringent aerospace specifications. Quality ceramic pour cups are an important part of the ceramic shell tree assembly. A well-manufactured ceramic pour cup can reduce the risk of casting defects resulting from ceramic pour cup erosion during a metal pour. The better the surface of the ceramic pour cup used, the less opportunity for ceramic pour cup erosion and spalling. Schaefer Industries, Inc. ceramic pour cups are sufficiently dense to resist the thermal shock that occurs when molten metal meets ceramic, reducing the potential failure during a pour.

Alumina crucibles provide casters with excellent overall performance during pouring. Crucibles can be used up to 3050°F (1677°C) maximum temperature. Schaefer Industries, Inc. alumina crucibles provide caster with durability, longevity and safety.

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Glasweve Filters

Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve™ Filters
Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve™ filters provide effective removal of inclusions and slag from steel, copper-based metal alloys, aluminum, gray, malleable, white, compacted graphite and ductile cast iron. Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve™ filters are particularly effective at extracting dross, slag, refractory particles and nonmetallic inclusions.

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Pyrotek Rigid Glasweve™ is a trademark of Pyrotek Incorporated.