Customer Testimonials

R&R Service & Support

  • "Thank you so much for the samples. I simply wanted to find out which one will be better for my applications. You made me an R&R customer for life with your service and time."
    ~ Rick Powell, Jewelry Caster, USA

SuspendaSlurry® materials

  • "I love the product!!! I cast one small item just to see how it would come out and it's great. It's so user friendly and forgiving. Shell removal was so easy compared to what I'm used to."
    ~ Confidential Art Casting Client, USA

  • "Great product. Very simple to use, the shell doesn't crack – it’s nice and strong."
    ~ Confidential Art Casting Client, USA

  • SS-paul-kennedy"I have spent a frustrating year mixing Primcote and Molochite -200 to create ceramic shells in my studio with inconsistent results. Looking at the waste, time and effort to achieve mediocre results, I was getting to the end of my tether. 

    SuspendaSlurry material arrives and I am tingling with anticipation, four waxes are run up awaiting investment. Two are for a new client that I have been talking to for a year and finally he has given me the opportunity to cast his work. The other two are my own work and as such I am less stressed about casting these.

    Dip, flick, Zircon, smile, dip, flick, Zircon, smile, dip, flick, Molochite, smile and continue investing with a huge smile. De-wax and cure and a beautiful white shell emerges glowing red with NO CRACKS! The molten bronze flows into the ceramics and then it's a wonderful tense atmosphere in the studio waiting to see the results.

    Hammer and chisel in hand, I make the first strike and start to reveal the solid bronze piece encased in its running system. I run my eye over it and can see nothing obvious, but with experience, I know I have to wait until I sand blast it to make sure everything is OK.

    I could literally cry with happiness as I see four perfect (and I mean perfect) casts sitting on the chasing bench with the sun glinting off them. After cutting the running system off, I only needed to chase these areas. It was an absolute joy saving so much time and not having to chase any defects that I normally encounter. 

    When I delivered them to my client, he was so impressed he placed another order immediately and complimented the chasing! 

    I hope that explains my experience with SuspendaSlurry! It's a joy to work with and although it's extremely satisfying chasing faults, it's far better to simply create a beautiful cast.

    I thought this was a better explanation of my feelings than just "Oh it was OK". Thank you for your advice on the phone and look forward to many more successful investments.

    I will obviously be ordering again!"

    ~ Paul Kennedy, Paul Kennedy Studio, UK,