High Temperature Alloys


Astro-Vest® Investment

Just add water and invest option for high temperature alloys. No flask liner needed. R&R ASTRO-VEST investment is a phosphate-bonded material that provides jewelry casters with a mix-with-water solution for high temperature alloys that requires no additional flask set up when compared to a typical gold casting investment.

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Plasticast® PT Investment & Binder

A water-based, two-part system for casting rapid prototype pattern materials and high temperature alloys. PLASTICAST PT investment & binder is a high expanding, extra high strength investment ideally suited for investing and burnout of commonly used plastic or wax/plastic pattern materials. It is compatible with standard wax patterns for high temperature metal casting. PLASTICAST PT investment & binder maintains mold surface and dimensional integrity for high temperature metal casting, eliminates acid-based binder hazard associated with common two-part platinum investments and eliminates special investing flask preparation requirements.

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R&R® Platinum Investment & Binder

Acid-based binder mixed with investment for casting platinum alloys. R&R PLATINUM investment and binder provides platinum casters with a consistent, acid-based binder that does not separate, resulting in smoother, more consistent casting surface finish than other two-part platinum products.

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