Low Temperature Alloys

BANDUST™ Technology

BANDUSTNamed a 2013 MJSA Thinking Ahead Honoree

R&R’s BANDUST technology reduces respirable dust during investing – up to 99% versus standard materials.

In identical testing conditions, conventional investment materials (left) release noticeably more fine dust than BANDUST technology jewelry investments (right).

  • Up to 99% reduction in respirable dust exposure during investing
  • Less total dust overall during the investing process
  • Excellent final casting results

Respirable crystalline silica presents a health hazard in the investing room and silicosis has been a concern for jewelry casters for years. Historically, reducing the out-of-the-package exposure hazard for the operator has eluded manufacturers. Until now.

Based on third-party industrial hygienist air sampling test results, BANDUST technology significantly reduces total respirable dust – up to 97% versus standard R&R jewelry investments and as much as 99% compared to other jewelry investments.

Casters using BANDUST technology products indicate noticeably less dust overall during the investing process with the added benefit of improved housekeeping overall. Casting quality is maintained with excellent final casting results and no process changes are required during the investing stage.

For a sample of material, contact R&R at 800.253.4502.

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Plasticast® Investment

Strength for plastic and rapid prototype pattern materials.

PLASTICAST investment provides jewelry casters using plastic and wax/plastic pattern materials with a mold material that meets the high expansion demands of the pattern material while maintaining mold surface and dimensional integrity.

Available with BANDUST™ technology, reducing respirable dust in the investing process.

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R&R® Solitaire Investment

Enhanced to allow casting stones set in wax.

R&R SOLITAIRE provides casters with superior stone protection and higher burnout temperature capacity than other investment materials, providing castings with a cleaner dewax and fewer surface defects.

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R&R® ADVANTAGE™ Investment

An economical alternative for casting silver, brass and bronze.

R&R ADVANTAGE investment provides silver, brass and bronze jewelry casters with an economical investment that reduces excess metal and watermarking defects for dependable casting results and maximum profits.

Available with BANDUST technology.

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Ultra-Vest® Investment

Proven quality, consistent results for casting gold, silver, brass and bronze.

ULTRA-VEST investment is accepted by jewelry casters as being the most process forgiving product available for casting – saving casters time and money. ULTRA-VEST investment provides easy quench and easy cleanup, reducing your risk of losing valuable metal. ULTRA-VEST investment produces smoother surfaces than other investments, resulting in less finishing.

Available with BANDUST technology.

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Ultra-Vest® MAXX™ Investment 2005 AJM Innovation Award Winner

Exceptional results with white gold.

ULTRA-VEST MAXX investment provides jewelry casters with maximum thermal stability for high metal melt, burnout and casting temperatures – helping to eliminate orange peel defects associated with metal/mold reactions and flashing and spalling defects associated with investment breakdown during burnout of resin pattern materials.

Available with BANDUST technology.

Note: Not for use with platinum or palladium.

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