R&R® AquaSphere™ Injection Wax

Precision jewelry injection wax.

aquasphereaquasphereR&R AQUASPHERE injection wax provides jewelry casters with an excellent multi-purpose pattern wax for fine filigree and thick, heavy pieces – minimizing the number of waxes needed in your operation. It is easy to remove from the mold, has low shrink in thick areas and cross-sections, and a superior memory for shape – resulting in consistent pattern reproduction. R&R AQUASPHERE injection wax is very fluid; which is excellent for difficult angles or draws – resulting in reduced occurrence of air bubbles and scrapped patterns. Its low ash content results in clean burnout.

R&R AQUASPHERE injection wax produces patterns with above average surface smoothness – resulting in extra smooth casting surfaces and superior reproduction of fine detail.

Tested in production environments, R&R AQUASPHERE injection wax’s unique formulation provides casters with:

  • Versatility
  • Dependability
  • Production efficiency
  • Pattern excellence

R&R AQUASPHERE injection wax is available in aqua, blue, light pink, red and turquoise.

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