Jewelry Casting

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The lost wax jewelry casting process usually starts with a master model of the piece to be recreated.

A rubber molding material is used to create a flexible mold of the master model. A fluid wax is injected into the rubber mold to create the original piece. Once cooled, the wax piece, or pattern, is removed from the rubber mold.

Wax patterns are attached to a wax sprue. The wax patterns and sprue will eventually create the void in the castable mold that will fill with molten metal. The complete wax assembly of patterns and sprue is referred to as a tree. Each tree may contain a short sprue with a few wax patterns or dozens of patterns around a single sprue.

After preparing the trees, the sprue is placed onto a rubber base and a cylindrical metal flask is secured around the tree. Then a plaster like material, called investment, is prepared to form a slurry. The slurry is poured inside the flasks, around the trees. Once the slurry has hardened, the rubber sprue base is removed and the mold is ready for the wax removal process. The flask is placed into an oven. With a controlled heating cycle, the investment mold is cured and the wax is completely melted from the mold. A hollow void is left in its place, which replicates the wax tree in complete detail.

Molten metal is poured into the sprue opening, filling the void and recreating the original wax tree with a metal replica. Once cooled, the investment can be cleaned from the metal in a water bath. The jewelry pieces can then be cut from the metal sprue and finished to complete the desired cast piece.

Jewelry casting applications include materials developed and manufactured for platinum, gold, silver, brass and bronze.

Jewelry Products

Our jewelry casting products have been developed by the R&R technical team to meet the unique needs of customers for casting gold, white gold, silver, brass and bronze; plastic and rapid prototype pattern materials; and stones set in wax.

At R&R, we are committed to using premium grade raw materials to develop our jewelry products; ensuring the highest quality and consistency for our customers. With this priority in mind, we are proud to offer our customers a more durable jewelry product line which avoids costly mixing and firing mistakes that often occur with a lesser-quality product.

R&R jewelry products are specifically designed to offer customers a more user-friendly experience as they will still function precisely as intended even if a customer slightly mismeasures components.

This line also includes injection wax and silicone rubber.

Our jewelry technical team has an average of 20 years of experience in the jewelry casting industry, giving our customers an extensive support system for all their jewelry casting needs.

R&R’s sales and technical teams work with you to identify your casting goals and customize a system that meets those needs. To schedule an appointment, contact your R&R Regional Manager or R&R’s technical team at 800.253.4502.