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April 2017
Inside this Issue:

  • Avoid Adhesion Related Defects: Are you experiencing casting defects related to shell buckling or lifting? Try introducing a pattern cleaner.
  • Calling All Art Casters!: Have you tried our new SculptaCastâ„¢ waxes yet?
  • PKI Equipment For Sale: Pacific Kiln New Generation Double Door Wax Burnout Furnace
  • PKI Kiln Korner: We have the proper temperature and time, but our shells are not burning out clean. You probably do not have enough oxygen in the atmosphere to combust the carbon and burn it away.
  • Binder Remixing: In certain cases, it may be necessary to remix a binder prior to using.
  • Follow Us on LinkedIn!: We've gone social! Be sure to check out our new R&R company page on LinkedIn!
  • Avoid Volumetric Flask Flaws: Controlling binder solids is an integral part of every foundry’s slurry control program.

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